June 28-30,2019
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Power on

Do you have an idea, passion or plan inside of you and don't know where to start? This session will help future entrepreneurs power-on their creativity and thrive in their business by staying connected to Christ. 


At times, we all find ourselves physically, emotionally, and mentally exhausted, but what if that exhaustion becomes a pattern? And how do we break it? Learn to rewire your mental and spiritual patterns to restore their mental and spiritual health. 


Learn tools and practical principles to best use what you have to achieve goals and dreams. Using what you have to expand.  

THE volt

Leadership is not about the title, position or power, but action. Learn how your actions and reactions in your daily life can influence your ability to plug into important issues and affect change no matter where you are in life.

transferred power

Just graduated high school and transitioning to either college, trade school, the military or into the workforce? From finances and professions to inner circles and healthy relationships, this session will prepare early young adults for life ahead.

circuit breaker

Families are intended to serve as an unbreakable bond between the people we are called to cherish the most. But what happens when “life” happens and those bonds are shattered? Learn how to break the circuit of generational curses, bandage the pain of pass offenses, and mend  a family divided.  


Glean spiritual wisdom and lessons learned from highs and lows of marriage. Hear from a dynamic couple on how they’ve made it their mission to teach about God’s healing and restoring Amazing Love.

Finding your outlet

Navigating through life in the dark is rather difficult andgetting connected blindly is even more challenging. From hurdles to hindrances, when we can’t see where we’re going and we’re clueless of the things that lie ahead. Join Endia Leonard as she shares how to identify your purpose and use your calling reigniting the assignment God has called you to fulfill. 

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